Hi there! I am longtime staff member of an MMOPRG called Alter Aeon, wherein I am known by the moniker "Shadowfax". In real life, I am employed by the USPS as a rural mail carrier. As such, I don't have a lot of time for Alter Aeon around the holidays, but the game is never far from my mind. Inspired by a conversation on Alter Aeon's "newbie" channel where someone inquired as to what a melanistic mutant tree rat was, I decided to take my wife's camera with me on the route over the course of a couple of weeks in early December and take the pictures and videos for this short film.

The information provided therein is derived from local legend. It may be less than factual. Some early settlers wrote weird stuff in their journals, and more than a few were prone to hyperbole.

Interesting to note: melanistic squirrels thrive in Gardner. Every year I see more of them. It's possible the entire squirrel population may be black within a few generations. Then Gardner can be the dark counterpart of downstate Olney, Illinois, where they have a colony of leucistic squirrels. (Those people are CRAZY about their squirrels. Seriously, the village will fine you if you even look cross-eyed at one of the little buggers!)

Come and play on Alter Aeon if you don't already: alteraeon.com

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