This movie was written and shot in February-April 2006 during my sophomore year of high school.

Some scenes were never shot, which delayed editing. I finally decided to work with what I had and churn something out.


The bus pass that Fitz holds before he runs to the bus stop is mine.

Amy's voice over the phone is actually my voice, raised about 2 octaves. We never shot the scene with her on the phone.

Please pay attention to Mason Machado's mannerisms and actions throughout the movie.

Amy insults Fitz by calling him a "honkerburger." "Honkerburger" was a burger joint in one of my favorite cartoons as a child, "Doug." So it's not really an insult.

In the script, Fitz breaks into Amy's house and steals a CD with a bunch of pictures from her fat days. We never shot that part. Instead, Fitz "hacks" into her computer and steals her pictures from there.

Try to count all the continuity errors in the final locker scene. I counted around 7.

That's my hand throwing the piece of bread with whipped cream on it at Fitz's face.

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