Dr. David Jakubowski, a Polish born physician who tended to hundreds of Polish soldiers during the Nazi blitzkrieg of Poland and to thousands in the Warsaw Ghetto through the uprising of 1943, vividly retells his experiences before, during, and after the Holocaust. Born in 1911, he was the first in his family to pursue secular study, and graduated from the Univ. of Krakow with a medical degree and a Ph.D in Chemistry.

A captain in the Polish Army when the Nazis invaded Poland, he spent 10 months in a Nazi POW Camp before his transfer to the Warsaw Ghetto, where he worked closely with his good friend, Dr. Nachum Remba. He survived 5 Nazi concentration camps following the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. As the physician of the Hersbruck camp infirmary, he saved the life of the great Rabbi David Shapiro (who settled in Furth) during the harsh winter of 1945.

The death march to Dachau in 1945 put him "one step, not even that, ahead of the angel of death." Following his liberation, he worked closely with teams from the US Armed Forces to establish and manage a number of hospitals and TB clinics for survivors. He immigrated to the US in 1949 and was licensed the next year. He later established a family medical practice in Syracuse, NY, which thrived until he retired in 1984.

His proud, fighting spirit is on display in this interview, taken just two years before his death in 1997. For those feeling overwhelmed by life, I hope his story, and that of his wife Helen, inspire you to find the strength to overcome your adversities. For those seeking excellent educational tools to teach about the experiences of those who lived through the Holocaust, you'll find them here in the oral testimonies of Dr. and Mrs. Jakubowski.

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