Welcome to the West


The first time I saw MBF, was at the Grand Theatre. Although, I didn’t get to look at my ticket stub – I was invited last minute by a friend – and wasn’t sure who I was seeing. What I was seeing was one guy leading a massive amount of people through a concert that was bigger than any local artist had ever attempted.

All I remembered thinking was simply: “man, more big groups of people should be doing things together.”

Fitzgerald’s architecture of these massive multi-discipline, spectacle performances has since become his bread and butter especially when found himself accompanied by 150 artists on stage to release his Love album. That’s a number that included string, brass and drum sections, a dance squad, choir, guitar orchestra and live painter.

In recent years, regardless of anyone’s musical or cultural opinion, few Calgary projects keep company with the MBF brand – especially for those living in the south part of town. Alas, I should have checked my ticket stub that night – I ended up mistakenly calling him “Michael Paul Bernardo” to a group of adoring strangers. I never lived that one down.



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