"The Duality of Nature" is a metal and fused glass relief mural/sculpture completed in 2013. The two sides of the 4'x 3' mural/sculpture reflect a dynamic and quiescent, power and peace, wave and wake polemic of Nature. This video presents some of the dynamics in the actual realization of this project.

One side has the sweeping power of a crashing wave (change) and the other a tranquil repose as the sun is low. The dilemma in naming the work is that both sides—while superficially addressing the polar opposites, the dualities —fundamentally address the wholeness—the oneness—of Nature.

My entire career has been exploring the "oneness" of Nature,

This "oneness" is presented to us mere humans—with our limited sensibilities—as construed of and the dynamical mixing and balancing of polar opposites. Expressed electric charge is either + or -, or neutral. Nothing in between. Neutral is simply symmetry of opposites in play. Expressed spin is the same! Nothing in between. Symmetry and various forms of broken symmetry rule. For symmetry to occur, there must be "oneness."

Under the hood, or below the spacetime that is "expressed" lies a larger reality ruled by the TRUE "oneness" of the Universe, MulitVerse, Cosmos, call it what you like. The is TRUE "oneness" is the Conservation of Energy.

The "expressed" dualities or polarities of Nature are all dependent on how the ENERGY pie is cut and sliced at any given incarnation of spacetime.

The two complementary ebooks that I published in 2013, "LightspeedST" and "MathspeedST" are aggregated summaries of this whole "oneness" of the Nature paradigm. The idea is ancient, my conceptualization of the ways and means are my own contribution. The math part distills Nature into the least prejudicial format for "seeing" how Symmetry/Asymmetry informs all existence.

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