-- An injection of trust for young italian people --

The starting point of my research is the scarcity of trust in the system and in the future.
After a deep analysis of the current situation in Italy concerning young people and their perception of future I came to the conclusion that what they need is an injection of trust.
For this reason I decided to use a poetical approach that could awake a spark in their hearts. This is where the role of “The future narrator” comes into action.
The future narrator analysis cases of young italian people concerning their lives, dreams and passions and through his skills writes a hopeful future for them. All of these scenarios take place in Italy in order to design a future where this country is not a place to escape from.
Like the figure of a social designer, the future narrator’s role is to understand people needs and possibilities and offer them tools, even imaginary ones, that could improve their lives or their perception of it.


// credits //
voice: Veronica De Salvo
editing: Stefania Vulpi

Special thanks to: Valentina, Mauro and Noemi

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