Sofie Lene Bak is an associate professor at the Department of History at the University of Copenhagen. She specializes in Holocaust history, and has previously been the museum director of the Danish Jewish Museum, where she led current and narrative-changing research on October '43 and published several popular books on the subject.

00:16 What is the current Danish historian's view of Denmark during WWII?
02:50 What was the policy of cooperation?
04:35 Prior to the current historical debat, what was the accepted narrative amongst Danish historians?
05:53: How has language used to describe WWII events changed in recent years?
07:21 Occupation or collaboration?
08:47 If war were to break out today what would Denmark do differently and what would it do the same compared to WWII?
10:23 What do you think is the biggest lesson that Denmark has learnt from WWII?

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