There IS a 4th Dimension Perceivable. And it ain't normal.

This video is #2 of six to be the only ones on youtube, or public online for that matter with information which is expressedly, accurately 4-dimensional in nature.

Disclaimer-Type Statements:

You consent to forfeit all of your current religious/spiritual beliefs as a result of viewing this. (Because that's what proof does).

You do not take the contents personally.
Anyone who isn't legally liable to charges is safe.
You are not being forced to watch, etc.
Feel free to spread the word.

All rights reserved to participating artists.

(But Opaque Brotherhood might as well be signed over because 95% of it is about me and legally they have no room to talk.)

Parts7 and up aren't available for free. But hey- hour and a half (of priceless/ $8,000,000,000 no way to attach price) is public. So the agreement is that more money should be spent on until I notice a difference in a currently $0.15 paypal account I guess.

Paypal address:

(I'm a Christian and I have a great relationship with God btw). Fulfilled, contented personally, doesn't negate the humane duty to disarm greedy rich god-slandering liars from people in ignorance. I'd be greedy if I was asking for money that wasn't legally mine from people who spend it better, so I could spend it only on myself. This paragraph has too much drama/ time wasting for my likes. 9/10ths of the world is going to hell and I should just watch because 3 criminals don't like me and have nothing to offer?

Sorry bout that, peeps- I just wasted like 2 years trying to be nice to the wrong people... Enjoy :)

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