I made this stop motion for school but please note that I did not chose depression as topic because I had to. This was a completely free assignment and thus I chose to make a stop motion. I did it about depression because it's such an important topic. Not enough people realise how bad it is. Some people actually think you CHOOSE to become depressed. Which is about the farthest from the truth as you can get.
Second, please note that I am not a professional. Not in making stop motions. Not in editing videos. Not in depression. Nothing. You can follow my advice or whatever but please don't take it as if it comes from a professional. Because it doesn't.

Yes, I am also aware that Luke checked my grammar and there is still a mistake in the sentence where I thank him. That is because I was stupid enough to corrupt the file by deleting the copied images I used before I noticed it (he didn't know that sentence was there when he checked it for me). That's also why there are some other mistakes in the video. I'd like to change it, but I can't.

The music isn't actually finished at the end of the video. I tried to time it so it sounded like an ending but it wasn't the actual ending of the song.

The Promise (c) Emma Blackery ( youtube.com/channel/UCebpq6lNn_oV_Y2XiRzR3Vg)
You can find the song on her second channel here: youtube.com/channel/UCc8WP2ajA1JytBAxeSWo2vA
This stopmotion, all the drawings etc (c) me.

Oh and yes, I based the title on the lyrics of the song.

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