It was chance when Stacey and James met for the first time, just a friendly conversation in the parking lot of his mother’s home. Stacey stopped to say, “hi,” starting a friendship that grew into a long-term love story. During a snowstorm on January 31, 1996, the pair visited the courthouse to make their bond official. Despite their inability to host a big celebration at the time, the couple still wanted to be together as husband and wife. Life had dealt them a number of blows that made their “dream” wedding nearly impossible.

On the couple’s anniversary in 2001, Stacey learned that she had Breast Cancer. Chemo and hair loss followed. Then a mastectomy and hysterectomy. All of this was to prevent a recurrence. However, in September 2010, Stacey learned her cancer was back, now in her lungs, spine and ribs.

Stacey knows her time with her family will be cut short. However, the couple remains strong, mainly for their children. When asked why they wish to renew their vows, Stacey quietly stated, “For the kids.”

Stacey and James learned about Wish Upon a Wedding when James saw local news coverage of the Indianapolis Chapter’s launch in January 2011. The couple’s wish was joyfully granted August 1, 2012.

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