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  1. LOVE ART & FRIENDSHIP! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    by tonydanis

    3,171 Videos / 283 Members

    music ,art ,painting,animation , fantasy,creative content,Motion Graphics

  2. Urban Art Lover

    by Voxx Romana

    156 Videos / 107 Members

    We love Street Art Urban instillation, Stencil, graffiti art, Collage, Screen Printing and alternative printing processes, Patterns, Stencils, painting and graphic design!!! We also respect all…

  3. World, Travel & People HD

    by The Film Artist

    46K Videos / 11.1K Members

    'The World is our Home' and we can all learn many good things from each other. If we respect our world then we will all learn to respect each other. You can add your very best High Definition…

  4. street art in action

    by ennnnno

    1,260 Videos / 596 Members

    Just a collection of street art in action, especially documentation no animation. If you like it, come on and join us and enjoy our other collection on http://street-art.tumblr.com

  5. Street Art around the World

    by Garijs Piseckis

    710 Videos / 568 Members

    Group about street art - graffiti, music and performance for people.

  6. Street Art

    by pixelJUNK

    585 Videos / 265 Members

    Graffiti // Stencil // Sticker Art...

  7. HD Travel Videos

    by Rico Tan

    33.5K Videos / 16K Members

    Add your Travel Video here and share places you've been, what you've eat, travel tips, etc. How to upload/add your videos to TravelHD Group? You can now have the ability to UPLOAD…

  8. URBNMKT x Street x Lifestyle

    by URBNMKT

    1,999 Videos / 647 Members

    = Fashion, Entertainment, Art, Design

  9. Graffiti and Street art

    by Collin

    2,638 Videos / 1,223 Members

  10. Outdoor Artistry aka Street Art and Graffiti

    by knox

    3,216 Videos / 2,462 Members

    This is a group for vimeo videos about street art and graffiti. Please add your videos, I'm hoping to gather a world wide collection of all different sorts of street art and graffiti.

  11. Graffiti

    by Togaone

    1,392 Videos / 590 Members

    All Graffiti videos are welcome. Any kind, any where, anyone's. Please only graffiti - related videos. Thanks. ]:}

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