Directed / Produced & Edited By: Jose Emilio Sagaro
Director of Photography & Co-Producer: Lemuel Ruiz
Color Grading & VFX by: David Lindberg
Actor: Karelix Alicea
Actor: Rudi Goblen
Actor: Lego
Actor: Danny Hidalgo
Music By: Miami Beat Wave - Brandan Toledo - Ivan Nodal
VFX Titles By: Jose Emilio Sagaro
Make-Up: Nathalie Lozano & Chris Granitz,
Hair: Eve Verduga

There is more to the physical than the physical. There's you, your limit, and then….there's your unharnessed, untapped, potential. As a professional dancer who has been featured on both TV and on the big screen, Karelix Alicea from America's Best Dance Crew, transcends and transforms with her new kicks as she takes on her own invincibility. There are always greater powers at play that call you to question "possible". Tame the mental demons. Unleash the impossibilities. Change the game. Let Sole Fly help you take it to the next level.

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