Title: “Beat Pan D’BoXx”
blend of melodic steelpan music with the Art of beat boxing

Performed by
Eddy DaOriginalone
Featuring the Pan Princess Joy Lapps & Jugular
Director / editor: Mali Docuvixen (a Docuvixen film)
Photography /assistant camera: Casandra London (The Casandra London Network)
PA’s : Kobe Aquaa- Harrison and Acesy Alleyne Jr.
Producer: Daoriginalone Presentations Media [What’s ur Msg?]
Composers: Eddy DaVid, Joy Lapps-Lewis, and Nikhil Tumne
Location Set: Abandze Embassy - Toronto, Canada

The Steelpan
For over 50 years the world has enjoyed the scintillating, pulsating music of the steelpan. Audiences from London to New York and beyond have been left spellbound; amazed that such rich tonal quality could come from discarded oil drums. The refined sound we now hear is the result of decades of hard work, research and innovations.
The Steelpan is only musical invention of the twentieth century has been officially recognized as the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.


Beat Boxing a practice refined by many different cultures creating a truly unique and amazing art form. A form of vocal percussion one of "the elements", to hip-hop music culture but not limited to the genre. It Involves reproducing of drum beats, melody and rhythm a simulation of horns, strings a vast amount musical instrumentation using patterns, repetition and tonality using only one's mouth. The Human voice makes a vast array of sounds and should be considered one of the earliest instruments in the World.

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