Los Rosales is an odyssey through, Fabrica film maker, Daniel Ferreira's steampunk robot vision; what started as music video for, Fabrica musician and composer, Jhon William Castaño Montoya developed into a a synergetic balance of harmonious narrative. Constructed from cardboard sets, old computer machine parts, and metal wire, each piece was individually moved to create a stop-motion animation of over 21000 frames. The story brings us to a harsh industrial world where a humble, solitary robot is stuck in a repetitive life turning wheels and cogs all day to produce his only means of survival – one small monthly rose. The beauty and nutrition of the rose, in the jarring landscape drives his search for meaning. As machine parts start to break down his skills are put to the test in finding his own path.


A film by Daniel Ferreira
Edited by Daniel Ferreira & Alessandro Favaron
Music by Jhon William Castaño Montoya
Sound by Geremia Vinattieri
Set Assistance by Luca Carrara
Color correction by Alessandro Favaron
Creative Supervision by Ries Straver

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