British Ruby reads sonnet #16 by John Reed; this is one of seven sonnets by John Reed recited by webcam women for Vice Magazine. Streaming from here.
Here's the piece on Vice, where you can also find the sonnets in text: ...
And here are more sonnets:

Oh, and here's the sonnet ...

(a long night)

A long night, my love, my sweet sick sunrise,
my drunken dawn, my pearly, priceless doom.
Who but you? Waiting in my blinking eyes,
churning in exhaustion—my reckless fume.
Dirty feet, white thighs and somebody's bride;
divorcee, chapped lips and laughter to lie for.
We had no shame but we both had our pride.
Never were you mine, never was I yours.
Never came the nevermore, the sorrow
for the lost cold war, the bickered, battered
bedroom sores, mascara charred and marrow
bored. I hate how they knew we would shatter
And whoever invented the promise
had no love, made no concession, for us.

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