This is a selection of some of the things I made during my time at Hyper Island in the fall of '13, and at my internship at Onesize, Amsterdam.

00:00 Intro
00:04 Lighthouse - Personal project
00:07 Axes - Personal project
00:09 Das Buro - Onesize, animation
00:12 100%NL - Onesize - lighting shading and animation
00:17 Malmö Mediakanal
00:19 "Things" - Short movie, animation
00:26 "Pillers" - Short movie, animation
00:28 "Do your homework", Personal project
00:30 "Västra P", Animation sequence project
00:38 BP - Onesize
00:43 Outro

Music: Devendra Banhart - "Your Fine Petting Duck"

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