The guys were doing a freestyle promo for the new Noodle Box store at Chaddy, Melbourne. Just happened to be out and about in the area and took some unplanned shots.

Had a difficult time with the sun, clouds, and overexposure. Original footage colours weren't consistent and sometimes not very flattering so I figured I'd try and go "Hollywood" on it in Premiere for the first time. Really crunched the colours with a hint of sky gradient, all crammed in to a letterbox. No idea what I am doing but I am quite happy with the results. Something different.

Format: 1080
Shutter: 1/50
ISO: 100
Lens: 14-140mm kit lens
Music: Fu Shnickens - True Fushnick Remix

This is the first time that I have actually properly used the kit lens. The auto focus works quite well, especially for action shots like these. There were a few times though where it would focus on the wrong thing. Tried shooting with my zeiss 28mm but would lose most of the bboy set before getting it into focus. You can clearly make out that one shot in the clip.

So my workflow for this was to do a clean edit of the overall clip with slight CC to match it all, export it then re-import it for letterbox, gradient, music, credits and real CC for consistency. It sounded like a good idea, what do you guys think?

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