I started filming tricks for this video all the way back in 2008, beginning on my old Canon GL2 camcorder. It takes a VERY long time to get five minutes-worth of tricks on tape, so I've been steadily chipping away at it over the last six years, filming whenever I can and trying to keep the locations as diverse and original as possible. I finally filmed the last few tricks in December 2013 on a recent skate trip to northern Scandinavia, where a good portion of this video takes place.

I didn't want to include any spots you'd see in a hundred other skateboard videos. While the majority of tricks in here were shot in Iceland and the USA, we also shot at spots in Denmark, Malta, Greenland, Finland, Estonia, Canada, Nova Scotia, and Sweden.

Because I've been working on this edit for nearly six years, each clip looks drastically different than the last. There are at least a dozen different film formats in here - ranging from DV and HDV media, to 16mm & Super 16mm film, DSLR formats, and even some Super 8mm. Trying to combine so many formats on a single editing timeline was challenging due to the many different framerates.. however, I thought that including this footage would be a good way to remember and appreciate the many amazing spots, as well as the beautiful people who took their time to film with me.

If you've ever held a camera for me over the years, thank you. So very much. I am hugely grateful for the folks who sat in the dirt for two hours while I tried a trick, or kept a camera steady in the pouring rain even though they couldn't feel their fingertips. Thank you, endlessly!

- Bowen Staines, 01.08.14

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