Pronounced as “tchk tchk”, [ ] is a clip-on device that transforms any sport tool into a controller for an audio
game. The game is a sound-reward based leveling system that only triggers when the user is above their personal sporting best. The resulting reward tells the other players that the user of [ ] is doing very well in the sport at that moment, which in turn opens up the social dialogue and social rewards.

The goal of this project was to explore other modalities than sight (sound, smell, touch) to enhance sports and
outdoor games, so that they appeal to gamers who are not doing enough exercise or socializing (wellbeing). To provide gamers with a sport wearable that is equal, or more, fun than the computer games played indoors, without either indoor or outdoor play treated as more ethical.

For this project, the design of [ ] was tailored towards getting gamers to play basketball, but the ultimate aim of
[ ] is to be an open-play device for all sports.

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