Duration: 03:35.03, digital video work - mpg4, 720p
Created: November 2013

This short video work remembrance is in dedication to the millions of people killed in World War I, The Great War that started on July 28th 1914, one hundred years ago. This is a commemoration illustrating the most famous poem In Flanders Field, written by John McCrae in the trenches on the death of his friend, with poppy visuals and sourced bugle audio from YouTube: The Last Post performed by The Royal Marine Buglers, London to signify the end of their days, and the Rouse performed by one of the Governor General's Foot Guards, Canada which was used to call the men out of sleep and the trenches to go over the top to fight in the fields of Flanders. Maybe the Rouse is the sharp sound to bring us out of the state of sleep, to stir our apathy, to incite our anger and indignation toward the act of loss and war.

I chose these elements specifically as they are so familiar to generations and therefore can be related to on a deep emotional level that moves on a personal level of commemoration of young men who were killed in the thousands each day in the trench warfare of northern France and Belgium up to 1918. Even though one hundred years has passed since the awful event started to most people it is still revered in the community psychic consciousness as 'the war to end all wars'. The poppy has become an intimate and visual symbol by being the only flower to grow in the lime rich burial grounds of those trenches in which over ten million soldiers were killed and left in what became a war of attrition involving many world nations than had began in just Europe.


Copyright © 2014 Dawn J Flower

Permission to use audio
The performance of the Last Post are © Crown copyright and are reproduced under the terms of the Open Government Licence
***Remembrance Sunday 2008 Last Post
Uploaded on 9 Nov 2008
The Royal Marine Buglers sound the last post followed by the laying of a wreath by the Sovereign.

On behalf Of Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada I grant permission to use this audio recording as part of your work. Kevin C. MacLean Lieutenant Colonel | lieutenant-colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commanding Governor General's Foot Guards

***Last Post, Moment of Silence followed by Rouse
Uploaded on 2 Nov 2009
Performed by the Governor General's Foot Guards

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