My Account Parent

This video demonstrates how to update and maintain user details so that the system can always accurately contact you for any notifications designated for you to receive.
Each user has the ability to update and maintain their own data.

Video Transcript:

Hi. My name is Steven and I would like to welcome our parents to REACH Boarding School Software. Today, what I am going to show you is how to amend your My Account details. So simply on your dashboard top right-hand side, select My Account. You will see that your data will already be pre-populated through to the import of your school. What we would like you to do is go through their system and just clarify and check that the information is correct. As you go through, you can see it is completely amendable by yourself and we asked that you do change your username and password. Under Boarders, you will see your associations will already have been selected and again, you can verify that you are going to receive information regarding your son or daughter. To add a host which might be aunt or uncle or someone that your son or daughter may leave school with is very simple. As we add host, we fill in details as per your account, their address, and then finally their association. Now, we know skills have different associations in regards to what a host can do and what a guardian can do so we have added this and please ensure that you hit save. If you are missing any details, REACH will notify you. So your My Account will be displayed from your Home screen on the top right-hand side. My name is Steven. Thanks for your time.

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