Inspired by Gustave Doré's engraving entitled 'The Confusion of Tongues', a performance that took place in Utzon Center (Aalborg, Denmark) during a 2 week workshop with artist Frans Jacobi, investigates the mixture of languages and cultures, in an audiovisual manner.

A text, based on chapter 11:1 from the book of 'Genesis', being read simultaneously in 4 different languages (Danish, English, German & Greek) was combined with live video captured by 2 different cameras: one aiming at the audience of the performance and the other at the performers themselves.

The video footage was projected alongside with text, with the use of a software called vvvv.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to capture the actual performance itself, so I ended up shooting and editing only the making of it (although I tried to put it in the same context: a gradual confusion).

(this was a project for the 1st semester of the Art+Technology program / Aalborg University, Denmark)

/DV. 2009.

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