For the past 20 years, Mario has been helping small, medium and large companies to improve work efficiency and achieve better results in the transport of loads up and down stairs all over the world.
Mario is responsible for the design & and manufacture of more than 15 different types of stairclimbers each of them with its own individual characteristics.
Mario is particularly focused on the design specifics of a machine, which is devised to overcome the problems encountered in a specific industry.
For this reason since 1994 we have been building machines designed for the transport of electrical appliances, oxygen cyclinders, furniture, and even the heaviest items goods, such as photocopiers and stoves.
We don’t have a general purpose machine. We provide a solution for each specific market.
Our stairclimbers are more versatile than any other, we climb where others cannot.
Consider for example some of our stairclimbers such as Mario Liftmatic and Mario Senior SSN compared to a standard stairclimber or tank stairclimber.
While we can handle very narrow stairs, our competitors cannot.
This is the reason why you have never seen a real video showing a tank stairclimber in a turning situation.
In 20 years we have satisfied over 7,000 customers around the world.
We are particularly proud of the quality and safety of our stairclimbers that have an average life span of 10 years.
That is why we can offer a 3-year warranty on all of our electric stairclimbers to private and business customers.
Finally, we believe that a stairclimber is a machine designed not only to make the job quicker, easier and lighter but also to guarantee the safety of operators and goods.
That is why we have designed a stairclimber that allows you to work in a safe and healthy position with your back straight at all times.
Mario Stairclimbers, get where others can’t!

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