Experimenting with new swirls is always so much fun. But sometimes when you are trying to get a specific design it can be frustrating. I found that to be true about the Peacock Swirl design. So I created a set of tools to make it easy to get the perfect Peacock Swirl. In this video I make cold process soap with a wonderful color combination of deep red, peach, aqua, black and white and it's definitely the best Peacock Swirl I have ever made. Of course I've also found that my new Swirl tools can make all sorts of other swirl patterns, too.

Find the swirl tool here

In fact, if you want to get all the ingredients and tools you need to make this soap just follow this link to the Bramble Berry website:

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Anne-Marie Faiola is the owner of Bramble Berry author of Soap Queen Blog and developer of Teach Soap

Music by Casey Connor

All supplies used in this video can be purchased at

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