Dear Mr.Da Vaz, Shanghai, 24.6.2001
being a spectator, I thought that your homeland is very beautiful, the small city, the big mountains with snowcap, the cafe shop Odeon, the Beyeler Museum, the Kunstmuseum in Bern, the Tinguely Museum. Also I know now a little bit about the art history of your homeland and of you and your art. Especially the interview with your son was very interesting to me: your son said: «one artist in the family is enough». You must know in China we have a different thinking. Many artists in China wish their descendant will take example from them and their children usually will do that and follow them in their footsteps. We have an old Chinese saying: «son of the dragon becomes dragon, daughter of the phoenix becomes phoenix». I am very keen to learn more about the way you are thinking.

And I also told my father to watch the show. Finally, he said your art reminds him of evolution in nature, very natural, somehow just like the spirit of your country: all step by step.

Best wish
Zhang Hao

Hi Juerg, Shanghai, 6.25.2001
I have seen the first part of your film and I loved it very much. The film not only tells the story about your art works and art life but also tells about the real world which you live in. It is very emotional and active. The first part of the film let me know another side of you, another Juerg. The reporter took a lot of time to record the society, culture and surroundings of Switzerland. It will let the audience know the difference between the Swiss and Chinese clearly.

I will watch the second part of the film at the same time next week.
Lilian Wu

director of photography
Liu Yong

Xing Xiaozhou

directed by Li Dongmei

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