What an honour to work with these great Queens who are legends with an extensive profile. The Mahotalla Queens were formed in 1964 and they might well be the oldest South African group still performing.
The song is a call for Africa’s children to embrace and celebrate the diversity in Africa the unit; it is the fact that we are different in our cultures that builds us the strength we exude together into a colourful quilt. Giving thanks and praise for this opportunity – Simuntu Munye [WE ARE ONE]

Simuntu munye, sibala linye!
Noma amasiko engafani,
Lokho akusho lutho

Qhakaza, qhakaza muAfrika!

Credits: from #WozaMoya,
Released 05 January 2014
Composed by: Karabo "Proff" Khumalo
Produced by Karabo "Prof" Khumal
Written by: Hilda Tloubatla, Khethukubonga Ntshangase
Performed by: Khethi featuring Mahotella Queens

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