This a scene from the screenplay HEARTLAND HOOPS which is about a women's college basketball team that turns a traditional bible belt town upside down when they outshine the men's team. Led by Coach Carly Lamm who rallies the country club matriarchs from her hometown and together they form a booster club to end all booster clubs. It's Honeybee Mania in Hornet country.

I wrote this story with the idea of having fun while empowering women. My dream is to have audiences walk out of the theater (or from their sofas : ) ) feeling exuberant, capable, and entertained! There are so few sports films about women and so few films written and directed by women. Plain and simple we need more!

My hope is that this scene finds an audience because if I have an audience I can find a way to make the entire film. And I think you are out there! If you want to help me PLEASE forward this link to everyone you know and click on LIKE! GO HONEYBEES!

Thank you!

Kyle Ann Stokes

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