The Blue Lady. The story of a woman who carries the "boogeyman" of her childhood around with her all her life. But it's not a boogeyman - it's the "Blue Lady," a photophobic, ghostlike creature.

The math of the plot:

1. The Blue Lady wants The Woman/Wife to acknowledge her & complete her soul.
2. The Woman/Wife wants the Blue Lady to go away.
3. The Man/Husband's leaving is the inciting incident. He is not the Antagonist.

The Woman/Wife is the Antagonist. The Blue Lady is the Pivotal Character AND the Protagonist.

Pre-production will be blogged through this storyboard. Updates, changes, additions, substitutions etc., will be added to the storyboard in the coming months. And this file on Vimeo will periodically be traded out as pre-production progresses.

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