Had the opportunity to play around with a set of Arri/Zeiss Master Anamorphics for a few hours. Instead of shooting what is considered a "safe" stop for Anamorphic (~T4), I decided to shoot wide open at T1.9 to see how sharp this lens was and how the bokeh looked.

Literally everything about these lenses were incredible. Incredibly sharp wide open at T1.9, and the bokeh looks great. I typically gravitate towards a more exaggerated vintage anamorphic look (Hawk C, Kowa, Todd AO) and I was a little concerned that these lenses would be "too perfect" (meaning it doesn't have any of the imperfections that we like in anamorphic lenses) after watching a few official Master Anamorphic lens tests which just looked like they were shot on a spherical lens. However, shooting at a shallow stop had a great look to it, and I will definitely be shooting wide open with these.

Ric Halpern at Radiant Images was kind enough to let me play around with a set of the Master Anamorphics and a RED Epic for a few hours. Thanks Radiant!

Camera / RED Epic
Resolution / 5K ANA (5:1 Compression)
Frame Rate / 24FPS
Shutter Angle / 180°
WB: / ~6000°K
Colorspace / REDcolor 3, REDlogfilm
Filters / IRND 1.2 + 6
Color Grade / DaVinci Resolve 8
Song / Earl Sweatshirt - Chum

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