Shooting in an empty retail unit in central Bradford as January snow fell around us, this was a magical shoot and I can't imagine a more perfect way to start the year!

In a make-shift blackout studio, with a hefty camera and lighting crew, I set about shooting this quirky and kitsch affair with good friend and director Jack King. The production pulled a blinder, and despite seemingly everything against us, we finished up with a hilarious testament to our three-days of graft!

This was my first shoot on Red - using the Scarlet, Red's little brother. I assembled a camera crew comprising two sound and experienced gents, which enabled me to concentrate on lighting this tricky space. Together with my gaffer and two sparks we pulled a variety of lamps from our three-phase installation and got the feel of this dream sequence from John Hughes 'Weird Science', amongst other 80's classics.

The combination of pro mist and star filters, together with a good dousing of haze, resulted in the warm and wonderful fantasy of a dreamy geek's wet-dream.

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