24X7 Digitizing Embroidery Services is a Professional Embroidery Digitizing services company.Camera Ready Artwork, Custom Logo Embroidery, Custom embroidery digitizing, Embroidery Designs digitize,24 hours, Logo Digitizing, Vector Art, Engraving design
We strive to produce the most comprehensive and dependable embroidery digitizing service for apparel decorators and promotional product distributors.
A quality digitized logo is a seed that will surely blossom into a prosperous customer relationship.
Welcome to 24 x 7 DIGITIZING, a haven for digitizing solutions of sterling precision and quality that leaves you awestruck with admiration. We take immense pride in our assurance of Quality and Precision in all aspects of our process right from receiving of art work or logo, interpretation of designs, conversion of the same into a digitized version to production and delivery to the client.
Thriving in the industry for over 12 years since 1996, in the era of the indecisive 90′s, where the concept of digitization was just hearsay, 24 x 7 DIGITIZING is, no doubt, one of the rare few pioneers of the entire industry. The credit, of course, goes to our well experienced team of professionals and experts in the areas of fashion technology and digitization. We recruit only from top institutions with a “no compromise” attitude towards brilliance and efficiency.Coupled together with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology, our team has been producing excellent results for over a decade.
Our Quality policy starts and ends with the customer and the customer alone in main focus. Understanding the customer’s requirements, designing optimal solutions to meet those requirements, providing improvements & brilliant output to ensure quality at every stage and achieving our commitments on delivery and service are the main guidelines.
Quality policy and we aim to achieve that ultimate stage of immaculate quality by:
Taking every project from the customers’ point of view to achieve results beyond their expectations.
Maintaining & Continuously improving our standards and efficiency.
Outshining all our competitors in terms of service, production and customer satisfaction.
Hence, providing quality service to top clients hailing from various industries, we aim to expand immensely and become a household name for all queries concerning embroidery digitization, camera-ready art work, engraving production and much more.

Embroidery Digitizing
Our exclusive embroidery digitizing is one of the very best in the industry with several years of
domain expertise & professional digitizers working round the clock, with state-of-the-art embroidery
software and technology to provide the best results for our esteemed customers.

We are indeed proud to say that our ability can turn almost any design into an embroidered logo and customize any T-SHIRT,BANNER, COAT, SHIRT, BLAZER, SWEAT SHIRT according to your choice and requirements.

Camera Ready Artwork
Our special division for camera ready artwork is indeed high tech and up to date with the current trends in cutting edge technology. Converting any design on any base into a digitized version of vector format, we provide optimal solutions to our clients with respect to digital conversion and digitization. With a clear precise and high quality output, you can now preserve any design, logo, print or artwork for years to come.

Engraving Technology
Our exceptionally effective engraving technology is one-of-a-kind with special software and technological means to ensure precision and quality in any engraving design. Customize and revolutionize any object of wood, glass, metal etc. with an engraving that reflects pride and prestige. Engraving designs for awards, mementos, furniture, artwork, luxury items, stone work etc. are now just a click away.

No success is justified for a company without a strong infrastructure and a systematic process. By infrastructure, we not only mean our machinery and technology, we take pride to include every single component that contributes to our success starting from our extensively talented team of professionals, our technology that includes:
Advanced software to convert the client input (graphics, logo or artwork) into the language of the cutting edge machinery.
Trained digitizer that receives the input and effectively interprets the design using various codes and colours, thereby, completing the programming process.
Radical technology that produces unbelievably brilliant output according to the customer Requirement.
Quality check that includes scanning and review of the output for accuracy and fidelity to the original artwork.
along with the sprawling space of our office and most importantly- YOU, our customers, without whom our success would have been incomplete and meaningless. A melange of all these components makes a powerful combination ensuring success and brilliance in every one of our endeavors.

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