Micronesia: Yap, Land of Stonemoney (25min.)

a film by: Stefanie Voigt
camera: Sorin Dragoi
camera underwater: Stefanie Voigt
music by: Hannes Vester
editor: Thomas Polzer
narrator: Al Munteanu
voice over: Donald Arthur
special thanks to:
Bill Acker
Joe Aitaro
Gerhard Binanzer
David S. Feinberg
Laurence Gilmoon
Courtney Platt
Melwert Tmetuchl

and many others - thank you all

copyright aquamotion film & tv production - all rights reserved
web: aquamotion.tv
e-mail: sea@aquamotion.tv


In the midst of the Pacific Ocean lie the Islands of Yap and
Palau. Isolated from western civilization, the natives were
able to carry on with their traditions and myths, until today.
The most fascinating and unique characteristic of these
islands is the gigantic “wagon-wheel-shaped“ Stonemoney
with the incredible diameters of up to 4 Meters (10 ft).
The so-called “RAI“ is the traditional form of legal trade
and the remaining 6600 pieces of “Limestone-money“ are
highly valued among the people of Micronesia, even

In May 1994, the people of Palau and Yap unite for the very
last time to, once again, reconstruct the tradition of
carving Stonemoney. For the very last time, a man-made
canoe transports the „RAI“ across the open ocean, more
than 420 km apart.

After the “glimpse back into history“ of a distant culture,
we explore the ravishing world beneath the sea; the famous
“Manta-rays of Yap Island“, the “Jellyfish lake in Palau“,
Barracudas & reef-sharks are only a small example.
Surrounded by over 1500 types of tropical fish and 700
different corals, even sunken wrecks and Japanese
zero-fighters from World War II can be found in the depths
of the Pacific.

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