Using OSCulator, I routed the data from several consumer Wii Balance Boards ($13 each at Game Stop) into Max MSP and designed a playable synthesizer similar to the Smart Piano in Apple's Garageband app.

There are two chord zones for each board, six total.
The chord that is played is determined by horizontal weight distribution on the boards.
The amplitude of the chord is 1:1 with the detected percentage of your total calibrated weight.
i.e. 0% of calibrated weight detected = no sound, 50% = 50%, 100% = 100%

Types of input used in this video:
- Step on/off
- Weight shift
- Bounce
- Jump

Each chord zone has 8 possible note outputs depending on your vertical weight distribution.

If you were to step on the "C" zone, and put your weight towards the back of the board, you will hear, based on a series of functions:
C4 @ 100% amplitude
E4 @ 75%
G4 @ 25%

If you shift your weight up slightly, you will hear:
C4 @ 75%
E4 @ 100%
G4 @ 75%
C5 @ 25%

And so on...

This video is documenting my first test with these features. As I continue to work on this, more features will be added, and the sound design will become more polished.

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