Rationale: bit.ly/flaskcast2 Episode 5: vimeo.com/83884782
1:35- Client-side templating and AJAX in dcc-admin (mustache + icanhaz.js vs handlebars)
2:58- Templates with logic vs. templates without
5:15- A look at the AJAX code
5:42- Demonstrating the AJAX
12:16- How do I get the list of all roles into the User Management view?
13:06- Using MVC
13:52- What is MVC?
17:54- Which MVC?
22:36- Putting Handlebars templates inside Jinja templates using the {% raw %} block
24:50- Freelancing update: Business organization
27:44- Current leads situation
29:50- Progress on converting my portfolio site to Statamic
31:35- Maintaining a social media presence while freelancing
35:16- Joe’s Arduino/Linux problem and Arduino workshop
37:00- Joe’s maker space
40:02- Looking ahead to next week

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