In 1979 David Jones' younger brother Simon, aged 7, disappeared without a trace and was never seen again.
34 years later David is still looking.
This is The Search for Simon.
Starring Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Tom Price (Torchwood), Sophie Aldred (Dr. Who), Lucy Clements (The ABCs of Death), Millie Reeves, Noeleen Comiskey and Chase Masterson (Star-Trek Deep Space 9).
"A Triumph!" Terry Jones (Monty Python)
"Very Silly!" Michael Palin (Monty Python)
"Quite the genre mash-up!" Paul Greengrass (Director - Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone, Captain Phillips)
"A marvellously understated performance!" Luke Rhineheart (Author - The Diceman)
"Wonderfully imaginative! Robert Rankin (Author - The Brentford Trilogy)
With music by Captain Sensible of The Damned.


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