"Everything you draw plants the seeds of ideas, and your sketchbook is the garden in which they grow."

Here is a quick peek inside illustrator Graham Smith handmade, Sketchbook #36, and a few words about why it's important to draw everyday.

Well...well, the important thing to remember about sketchbooking is that, uh, it's a personal thing, they all come out differently.

You know, people ask me, "What do you put in your sketchbook?" I mean... what am I supposed to do? To me, the answer will be different for everybody. You do... you're an artist, you do what you want. There aren't any rules.
When I was in art school, they said... they said, if you want to be good, you want to be an artist, you want to be an illustrator, there is only one way to get good, and that's to practice. And where do you practice? You practice in your sketchbook.

The sketchbooks I'm talking about are private affairs, where you work out your thoughts, write down your ideas, draw the world around you. You know, teach yourself how to draw.

Everything you do in your sketchbook is planting the seeds of ideas, and your sketchbook is the garden in which they grow.

Read more about Sketchbook 36 on my blog, link below.

Blog: inkdrawing.blogspot.com/2014/01/sketchbook-36-graham-smith.html
Website: grahamsmithillustration.com

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