Written & Directed by Joseph Andrew Mclean

One of Joseph's first short films - shot in 2012 with zero budget in California, USA (Has some issues with sound & camera shake)

Inspired by the real life events of Jim Jones and his 1970s Cult - The Peoples Temple, from their origins in America to their tragic end in Jonestown, Guyana.

This drama focuses on the personal relationships of cult leader Warren James, within the fictional 'Temple of Paradise' cult. We see The Temple of Paradise transported from California to their utopian community in Mexico. This Mexican paradise offered a perfect escape from what Warren believes is holding the Church back from reaching its true vocation; he believes that capitalism and corruption in the USA will never allow them to be truly free.

However, as with all good cults, corruption, financial irregularities and other indiscretions soon pollute their new found paradise. Warren changes from the idealistic, charming Preacher into a power hungry, debauched monster who craves the attention of the easily influenced church members. Warren has an affair with Abigail, a young church member from Arizona. He drinks too much and his behaviour soon spirals out of control.

Things come to a head when a newspaper reporter from the LA Times visits The Temple of Paradise and takes a closer look at whats really going on. What he finds is something more akin to a communist labour camp than an idyllic religious retreat. The reporter finds scared families who want to leave and he also finds Veronica, at breaking point and who is willing to tell all in order to stop her husband going any further. The sensational article which is published soon has everyone focusing on The Temple and Warren James. He has been exposed and he now faces his deadliest sales pitch yet, as he fights to keep his Paradise.

*I have written a feature length script based on the same story.

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