Not much of a video, this is just a test to see how well the BCM performed, and to check the quality of the new lighting system.

3 things of importance in this video.

1) The lighting is rock solid. this was shot over the course of about 3 days with complete day/night cycles using a new LED panel for lighting during exposing.

2) No visible fog. The fogger is being shut off 3 minutes before exposure to prevent fog from entering the scene while still providing a nice humid environment for the moss

3) White bugs! Millions and billions of white bugs. i think they are Springtails, and i don't think i can so anything to get rid of them than scrap the entire scene and move to something else for a little while. So this is all going to be scrapped and ill move to some bulbs for a while. Once I'm confidant they are all dead ill start working on the carnivorous plants scene.

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