Booker Noe, the Grandson of Jim Beam had an idea to reinvent Bourbon from a "poor mans drink" to a sophisticated upscale whiskey on the order of Scotch. So the Small Batch Bourbon Collection was invented.

Jim Beam hired my production company in 1995 to create a video to educate the dealers, distributors, and customers about these 4 new premium whiskeys. I can't totally remember, but I think this video was about a 20 day shoot and took about 4 - 6 months to make. I also can't remember the exact budget but I'm going to guess around $40,000.

The video was primarily shot with the JVC 320UP, plumbicon tubed analog camera then recorded on a portable Betacam recorder. Some of the footage was shot with a Canon Hi-8 camcorder. Additionally, some of the footage was shot years prior by me and was on 3/4" video.

The edit was done in two phases. Off-line (creative edit) was done on one of the first NLE's ever. It was called D-Vision and we worked with the company to help them make their NLE work for video editing (they were all engineers and didn't understand what editors wanted to do). It only had 1/4 screen viewing less than VHS resolution, 2 audio tracks, but we were thrilled to be able to edit Non Linearly as opposed to single cut, deck to deck 3/4" editing (that was really primitive).

One interesting footnote: the way we created the widescreen look was to put gaff tape on the monitor (covering up video to create the aspect ratio we wanted) and frame the shots like that. When we got back to the edit room we would have full screen video, but in the final edit we would use the switcher to create black bars to show the same aspect ratio as on set and dup the whole video with the switcher black covering up the video we didn't want to see. Technically, are only seeing like 180 lines of resolution. When the client came in to view the rough cut we had to show them the 1/4 screen video with gaff take on that monitor blocking out the full screen video to show the correct aspect ratio. Once they approved it, we then went to on-line edit the video in an on-line edit facility, essentially, re-editing the entire video recorder to recorder using the camera original tapes.

Unfortunately, the original master was lost, and this is a not so great DV copy of the master. It's a shame, had we had an HD camera or the budget for film, this video would have been gorgeous.

Director: Steve Weiss
Creative Director: Rick Shaughnessy
Producer: John Lenart
DP: Jens Bogehegn
Grip: Dave Schulte
Editor: Lucyna Wojtas
Client: Jim Beam Brands
Year: 1993/4
Shot on: JVC KY320UP Plumbicon tube analog camera with portable Betacam recorder, Canon Hi-8 camcorder & some footage on 3/4" from years past.
Off-line edited: D-Vision NLE, 1/4 screen 2 track
On-line edited: Betacam SP

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