This is juts a quick and rough set of three sketches for some possible designs of a model I will be creating for the Leadwerks community,

Here is my post on their forums regarding more information about this but essentially I am going to work on an alien / creature type 3d model from start to finish and give it away for free to the community of this game engine that I have recently discovered through their Steam release:

I'm looking for community feedback or ideas too and I was just roughly sketching before I went to bed as I didn't see the time, its 4:35am :( lol

The video has been sped up a bit but the entire contents of this video were sketched out in around 15 mins with no reference... Nothing special but I do like the last one I did and this is just to show what I have in my mind right now.

Thanks for watching!

Kind Regards
Patrick Griffiths

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