Interactive Track
Required Tech: Web Audio API , WebGL

I worked on this project for longer than most all projects before ( excluding recursion and Universe of Sound ), and I think it shows. For about 3 months leading up to its release, I was trying to put together and thought of this as a perfect use case to test the engine. About two weeks before its release I switched from working on the tools to using the tools. It was a pretty hectic two weeks, but I think that in the end it came together pretty well.

One of the requirements for this project ( at least in my mind ) was to make something that could be interacted with as well as just watched. Although this meant keeping the interactions pretty minimal, almost too minimal in retrospect, I had a few people tell me that they didn't even know it was interactive, and still enjoyed it!

Although the track is impeccable, and I was really happy with the visual objects that were created, my favorite part is probably still the credits. It always feels great when you try something really out there, and it actually seems to work.

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