Director Guilherme Marcondes was asked to build an environment that portrays the synergistic relationship between UK's British Gas, their customers and the world in which we live. The British Gas campaign through CHI&Partners showcases Guilherme’s stylistic signature of blending design, animation, 3D, VFX, and live-action.

Building upon the groundwork of combined mediums established in "Planet Home," "Switching" is one of the spots in the campaign that uses a continuous camera move. Traveling into and through the homes on each of the planets allows the viewer to delve deeper into the magical universe that Marcondes has created. Adding a strong 3D element to the campaign has also created a more intimate and tactile experience that invites the viewer to make themselves at home in this retelling of a British Gas universe.

"Life" ends the year with a journey through the seasons. Shot as a continuous timelapse, we see Marcondes' iconic planet come to life and evolve through an everchanging year. With great attention to detail and a particle system recreating the evolution of leaves and flowers, a year of great work and an exciting partnership culminates in this final 2009 spot for the holidays.

Director: Guilherme Marcondes
Agency: CHI&Partners

Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producers: Hana Shimizu, Jan Wohrle, Sang-Jin Bae
CG Art Director: Javier Leon
Technical Director: Morgan James, Sang-Jin Bae
CG Artists: Diogo Kalil, Scott Denton, Tomas Aceytuno, Omar Sarmiento
Lead Compositor: Yussef Cole
Compositors: Jerry Liu, Arthur Hur, John Harrison
Character Designer: Erin Kilkenny
Character Animators: Frank Summers, Erin Kilkenny, Rachael Yonda
Matte Painter: Benjamin Plouffe
Particles System Builder: Jaymie Miguel
Editor: Joseph Suslak, Anita Chao

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