Rewarded by the Vimeo Weekend Challenge with the Honorable Mention

CONCEPT : - Choose an area and shoot a short video of it - Take 20 steps in one direction and stop - Take another short video - Repeat this process after taking another 20 steps - In total shoot 20 clips every 20 steps - Once you've walked 400 steps, edit the videos together chronologically and see what you come up with!

Vimeo Staff, I have to admit I had fun for this Challenge ! I liked the concept a lot ! Thank you !
Because it looked simple at first sight, I thought why not making it difficult. So I thought about a very unusual place in Paris to take my 400 steps journey... I picked a well known abandoned railway from 1852 called The Little Belt where you usually found homeless people, junkies or graffiti artists nowadays... Still, I found pretty weird things to shoot, but when I got in front of the tunnel, the day was going down and it was getting really dark. I couldn't see anything inside and I was barely seeing the end of the tunnel. Pretty scary. So I had no choice using my phone to light the ground. When I reached the other side, it was the night! Crazy transition. The last footage of myself looking around was made possible thanks to the moon light...

Images & Editing | RP VISUALS
Soundtrack | Courtesy of SmokedBeat

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