In this video, Amir starts a code kata in NodeJS and works through a few tests.

Topics covered:
- Starting a code kata
- Deep dive into jasmine
- Deep dive into TDD
- Brief exposure to the module "pattern" in NodeJS

Play by Play:
0:00 - explains the code kata that will be working through
5:00 - starts the code kata using the template that was generated from the last session
6:50 - discusses what test we should write with regards to the problem at hand
9:00 - explains how he structures javascript code into modules as opposed to prototypical classes
10:00 - continues to flush out the first failing test
11:45 - has his first failing test and is in a good position to flush out an implementation
12:30 - has his first passing tests, explains the benefits of having this first passing test
13:00 - talks about what the next test should be, and what to consider when writing the next test
15:00 - starts writing the "next test"
16:15 - has the next test written, and is in failure state
17:15 - starts flushing out the implementation to make the test pass
18:38 - has a passing tests and explains the changes that were made
19:38 - discusses what the next test should look like
20:55 - has the next test in a failure state and begins to implement the code needed to make the test pass
21:06 - talks about the risks involved with having implementation code without a backing test
23:45 - writes another series of failing tests
25:21 - explains the risks of "writing too much" at once
26:15 - summarizes the tests that have been written so far and encourages the viewer to try these code katas

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