UPDATE: These videos of Connor have won him second place in the 2014 International Protégé Competition for the age 10 and under category, and he will perform live in Carnegie Hall at the Winner's Recital! Congratulations Connor!

Typically precocious pianist children are shown playing pieces like those of Bach where they can show off their dexterity while hiding their inability to make emotive interpretations of the work. But seven year old Connor only plays the music he loves, which is from the height of the Romantic era. You can see in this video as he smiles at the joyous parts of this classic and challenging Chopin waltz, silently sings along with the sad parts, and rises to the occasion at the fortissimo moments. And I think even Chopin himself would have fallen out of his chair seeing such a small child pull off the sweeping finale with this zest.

Apart from being gifted not just with dexterity but also a photographic memory that enables him to recall the precise details of a significant repertoire, Connor is an otherwise normal seven year old with a rascalish wit and his own independent desire to master these works that he so admires. It was such a pleasure recording and filming his studio debut. Unlike some adult pianists in recording sessions, Connor didn't start by making excuses or insisting he needed to get used to the piano. He just sat down and wailed and we kept his first take. I am certainly already a lifelong fan.

You are by all means welcome to share this video as Connor and his family would enjoy having his talent appreciated.

Frederic Chopin "Grande Valse Brillante" Op. 18 in E flat Major.
Recorded on the Hamburg Steinway at Spicemix, San Francisco by Peter Jensen.
Microphones: Schoeps Colette Series and Josephson

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