The project is a part of global Intel Ultrabook brand ambassadors campaign. The Ambassadors program selects creatively driven people who are at the forefront of the art that our targets are passionate about: fashion, music, sport. Each Ambassador has been chosen not only for their creative ability but because they have a very well connected social footprint. They are given a 30-day challenge to come up with an idea that involves the Ultrabook helping them create something amazing and unique, using their network for interest and support. Ideas, thoughts and aspirations get bounced around the network and a central idea gets formed.

Katya Dobryakova is a young Russian fashion designer. She was carefully chosen as Intel brand ambassador. Katya designed a T-shirt with the interactive LED board inside. The T-shirt reacted to foursquare check-ins of its owner and showed a relevant message depending on each specific location.

We designed a very thin and lightweight LED board with manually attached 2000 LED lights, bluetooth-module, microcontroller and power supply. The board weighted less than 200 grams and almost imperceptible inside fabrics. We also developed a mobile app that controlled the board and produced a series of short videos about Katya, inspiration process in Intel lab, and the making of this interactive piece of fashion.

Engineering, programming, video production: 2Nova Interactive
PR coverage: Eclipse
Social media: Fistashki

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