Two elderly men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource. "Double Occupancy" is a parable about the greed of man - an animated, psychological intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion.

Written, directed & produced by Fabian Giessler
Animation: Uwe Fährmann, Tobias Gembalski
Voices: Kaspar Eichel, Freimut Götsch, Roswitha Dost
Sounddesign: Kilian Görl
Musc: Fabian Giessler

© Fabian Giessler 20012

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Festivals & Awards: (at March 2014)

Kerry Film Festival, Irleand 2012
Istanbul Animation Festival, Turkey 2012
Banja Luka Animation Festival, Bosnia-Herzegowina 2012
Peloponnesian Film Fesitval, Greece 2012 – Best Animation
Animax Skopje Animation Festival, Macedonia 2012
Jaipur Int. Film Festival, India 2013
37th Cleveland International Film Festival, USA 2013
George Lindsey Int. Film Festival, USA 2013
Humboldt Film Festival, USA 2013 – (Best Animation)
AnimFest Athens, Greece 2013
Tupelo Film Festival, USA 2013 – (Best Animation)
25th Dresden Int.Short Film Festival, Germany 2013
Cortoons Animation Festival Rome, Italy 2013
46th Worldfest Houston, USA 2013 - Gold Remi Award
“Golden Kuker“ International Animation Film Festival Sofia, Bulgaria 2013
Toronto International Animation Arts Festival 2013
Wiz-Art Festival, Ukraine 2013
Kalat Nissa Int. Short Film Festival, Italy 2013 – (Best Animation)
Shortini Film Festival, Italy 2013
Pentedattilo Film Festival, Italy 2013
Premio Cartoon Club Remini, Italy 2013 (Finalist)
No Gloss Film Festival, UK 2013
Euganea Film Festival, Italy 2013
Naoussa International Film Festival, Greece 2013
Kansas Film Festival, USA 2013
Hardacre Film Festival, USA 2013 – (Best Animation)
25th Fano Film Festival, Italy 2013
Opuzen Film Festival, Croatia 2013
CinemadaMare Festival, Italy 2013
Athens International Digital Film Festival, Greece 2013
Deep Fried Film Festival, UK 2013 (Nominee)
Anonimul International Independent Film Festival, Romania 2013
Animasyros Animation Festival, Greece 2013
Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, USA 2013 (Nominee)
Brantford Film Festival, Canada 2013
Kuandu International Animation Festival, Taiwan 2013
Visionaria Film Festival, Italy 2013
Visioni Corti Film Festival, Italy 2013 - (Best Animation)
Athens International Digital Film Festival, Greece 2013
Tofuzi Animation Festival, Georgia 2013 (Nominee)
Whitelights International Short Film Festival, UK 2013
Petaluma Film Festival, USA 2013
Santa Monica Independent Film Festival, USA 2013 (Nominee)
13. XXs Kurzfilmfestival Dortmund, Germany 2013
55. Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany 2013
3rd Pune Short Film Festival, India 2013
Clare Valley Film Festival, Australia 2013
61st Columbus Int. Film Festival, USA 2013 - Silver Chris (Best Animation)
Atlanta Shorts Festival, USA 2013
4. OderKurz-Filmspektakel, GER 2013
Riverside Saginaw Film Festival, USA 2013
i400Corti Festival, Italy 2013
16. Mestre Film Festival, Italy 2013 - (Special Jury Mention)
Eugene International Film Festival, USA 2013 - (Best international Animation)
Enfoque Short Film Festival, Puerto Rico 2013
25th Istanbul Short Film Festival, Turkey 2013
Deutsche Filmbewertungsstelle, Nov. 2013 - (Prädikat: besonders wertvoll)
Cyprus International Film Festival, Cyprus 2013 -(Best Animation)
Euroshorts Festival, Poland 2013
Libelula Barcelona Animation Festival, Spain 2013
Brantford Film Festival, Canada 2013 - (Best Animation)
Tindirindis Animation Festival, Lithuania 2013
Faludi Int.Film Festival, Hungary 2013 - (1. Prize Experimental/Animation Category)
Courts dans la Vallee, France 2013
Cosmo Fest Tokyo, Japan 2013
Traildance Film Festival, USA 2013 (Nominee)
Beaufort International Film Festival, USA 2014
Dieciminuti short Film Festival, Italy 2014
Oxford Film Festival, USA 2014
Cluj Shorts Int. Short Film Festival, Romania 2014
Short Film Festival "Artfools", Greece 2014
Novara Cine Festival, Italy 2014
36. Big Muddy Film Festival, USA 2014
St. Albans International Film Festival, UK 2014 - (Best Animation, 2nd Place)
New Vision Festival, Ukraine 2014
Brasil Cine Festival, Brazil 2014
Lums International Film Festival, Pakistan 2014
Thomas Meighan Film Festival, USA 2014
Canada International Film Festival, Canada 2014 - (Royal Reel Award)
Haida Gwaii Film Festival, Canada 2014
Crossroads Film Festival, USA 2014
Besancourt Film Festival, France 2014
Cinema Pertetuum Mobile, Belarus 2014
OriziInCorto Festival, Italy 2014 (Special Mention)
La Lanterna Festival, Italy 2014
5th VAFI Festival Croatia 2014
Future Film Festival, Italy 2014
UNCIPAR Festival, Argentina 2014
Videomaker's Festival 2014, Italy
Tolfa Film Festival, Italy 2014
Reel Short Film Festival, Canada 2014
Cine Pobre Festival, Mexico 2014
Pineapple Film Festival, Hong Kong 2014

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