Documentation of The Angola Project, Pt2
Created by Claudia Heu, Igor Dobricic and Jeremy Xido, The Angola Project playfully straddles the worlds of performance and film-making as the audience watches a movie being constructed from fragments of film and narrative right before their eyes, only to crumble again into disarray. A trilogy of solo performances playing with and tearing apart the tradition of Travel Lectures that emerged in the 19th century, The Angola Project leads the audience on a very personal journey into Xido's real-life attempts to finance a film and confront the truths of mortality.

It is a dizzying expedition through the history of colonial Portugal, the Travelogues of Burton Holmes, the films of Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly, the Detroit race riots/rebellion, Berlin documentary film crews in Africa and the blood-thirsty mechanisms of international film finance. A funny and moving investigation into global events and the complex and often unexpected polycultural mash-up identities emerging in the 21st century. The Angola Project pushes the limits of story telling as desire and dream-making slams into the deadly realities of heartbreak.

PART 2, "Angola" : delves deeper into Xido's quest to construct a feature film script as he travels to Angola along the Benguela Railway - currently being rebuilt by Chinese construction companies. Xido - the sole onstage performer in this entire series - must carefully navigate the minefield of international film financing, constantly reconfiguring his script and feature film pitch accordingly.

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