Artist Danielle Neu takes inspiration from a myriad of references, including the magic of the leather jacket, the fantasy of the female biker, the sexual initiation rites amongst agro biker gangs and Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising in this new fashion film. The work follows on from Neu's leather jacket themed Tumblr curation, which took place from 1 to 7 January 2014.

Speaking on the film, Neu explains, 'I always knew the story that my mother was doomed in my grandmother’s eyes the moment she bought her first Rolling Stones record. After came the fear of the long hairs that hung around the beach and went to unknown places - the fur coats and leather jackets. This is an ode to my mother, grandmother, and all who hope that their children won’t get on a machine, strip down on their knees, and dance around the fire.'

Director: Danielle Neu
Camera: Jon Emmony and Elizabeth Conn-Hollyn
Editor: Jesse Dillon
Music: Barrett Avner
Liv Holst
Many thanks to Lewis Leathers and SV studio

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