PROSHAKE allows Final Cut Pro X users to quickly add camera shakes, bumps, whips, and zooms to their footage and text.

PROSHAKE was designed as an adjustment layer that can be retimed and stacked in the timeline to create endless aggressive and energetic looks in Final Cut Pro X.

We will start our project by dragging several different “PROSHAKE titles” to the storyline above our footage. Then scaling each adjustment layer to its desired length.

When stacked the PROSHAKE layers magnify the movement and zoom of the layer beneath it, so the order in which they are stacked does effect the overall look.

For this example, let’s place a “Light Camera Shake” on the secondary storyline just above our footage. This will give our footage a handheld feel.

Now let’s stretch it to be the same length as our clip. Increasing the duration of the layer will cause the movement to slow down.

If you would like to adjust the length of the title layer without altering its speed, you can place multiple PROSHAKE layers side to side in the timeline instead of stretching or shrinking it.

Next lets place some faster camera movements on the layer above the “Light Camera Shake.”

The “Camera Bump” adjustment layers quickly jerk the camera to one side and then back to center as if someone accidentally kicked the tripod.

Let’s add a few “Camera Bumps” to the storyline above the “Light Camera Shake” and leave them at their default lengths.

The “Finding Focus” layers imitate a camera operator adjusting the focus of the lens. This can give a film a raw and uncut style.

Let’s add a “Finding Focus” layer in between two of our “Camera Bumps” on the third storyline.

There are three types of “Zoom” adjustment layers: “Zoom In”, “Zoom Out” and “Zoom and Focus.”

The “Zoom In” layers will zoom into your scene and remain at that distance for the remainder of the layer.

If you would to zoom back out again, you can match up your “Zoom In” with its corresponding “Zoom Out” layer.

For example, “Zoom In 1” can be placed side by side in the storyline with “Zoom Out 1” to create one continuous animation.

The “Zoom and Focus” layers both zoom in and out. They also add a brief focus finding animation in the middle.

Now, let’s add a few “Zoom” layers to on the third storyline.

Something to remember, is that PROSHAKE is an adjustment layer that effects everything underneath it, including text.

Let’s create a title and place it between our PROSHAKE layers and our footage to make this an energetic title sequence.

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